Company: OPG Krešimir Čičković

Country: Croatia

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We proudly and with a big Slavonian heart present MD – local must a „refreshement for 5“ – a beverage for all 5 senses!


Allow your palate to feel the fullness of the flavor of this extraordinary beverage in which all your senses will enjoy: experience the attractive and captivating color of this drink as well as the superior taste and a special aroma.

Add to that the sound of glasses toasting with loved ones and all our senses will be satisfied! Enjoy the moment! Cheers!

The first homemade MD must was created of grapes from the green slopes surrounded by an old mysterious forest, ripened beneath the wide blue sky and sun kissed in the Golden Valley, hand-picked in an idyllic family atmosphere. The fullness of the flavor comes from the ripe bean grapes, as well as from love and care of the vinedressers through each step of the production process.

What exactly is must?

Must is a fresh non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage obtained by pressing healthy and mature grape beans. It is characterized by a special fullness and harmonious taste. This quality sweet drink is considered extremely healthy due to the richness of ingredients since the grapes abound in numerous medicinal substances that remain preserved in the must even after pressing.

Grapes as a berry fruit of the vine represent a food of great nutritional and dietary values and are recommended in the diet of all age groups. Being distinctly nutritious food, grapes are also a great source of various minerals and vitamins and since they contain about 20% grape sugar (average amount), they are considered an energy-rich food.

Thanks to these values grapes have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular, respiratory, immune and digestive systems. They are also known as a natural tonic for the body, described as a fruit that is a highly valuable source of antioxidant compounds that protect the body from harmful influences and premature aging while maintaining the beauty of the skin and hair.

Considering that the essence of bean grapes is in the bottle of homemade must, we might say that a liquid elixir of youth and beauty is found in the heart of Slavonia’s Golden Valley (Vallis Aurea).

Grapes and wine have been highly valued goods for ages. Wine, “the oldest drink in the world” got in 21st century in the Anno Domini era its younger, non-alcoholic cousin MD must!

Fans of the “divine drink” just like the greatest gourmands (including those who do not consume alcohol) will be delighted with a new product on the market – homemade natural must, MD!

Enjoy it with all your senses!

Best served cold.

Store in a dark and cool place.

Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Due to the process of making – COLD PRESSING – Must Domestic is a freshly pressed and naturally sweet* grape juice. *No sugar added. No water added.