MASTER-CELL Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Innovation Made of Styrofoam Waste Using Sulfonation Method As An Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Solution

Authors: Dilla Dayanti, Roni Adi Wijaya, Risky Ade Putra, Safira Aphrodite Ramoza, Vans Antonio Ischaqi, Linatul Khusna

Company/Faculty/School: Diponegoro University

Country: Indonesia


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MASTER-CELL : proton exchange membrane fuel cell innovation made of Styrofoam waste using sulfonation is based on the need for a renewable energy source due to the diminishing fossil energy and the non-degradable Styrofoam (polystyrene) waste which causes environmental problems. Nafion and TFE are previously used as the main material of PEMFC membrane. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and carcinogenic. The PSS (sulfonated polystyrene) membrane is expected to replace nafion and TFE as a more affordable and eco-friendly renewable energy source.