Making a pad (medicinally formulated) from the effective ingredients of Nettle and Abu Jahl Watermelon medicinal plants for diabetic patients

Author: Haniyeh Ghassabzadeh Alamdari

Country: Iran

Gold medal

This diabetic pad is made and formulated from medicinal herbs effective in the treatment of diabetes. In the treatment of diabetes, which are used more than chemical drugs and have many side effects and mostly cause sugar drop, this diabetic pad prevents the patient’s sugar drop. It helps to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Using this diabetic pad lowers excess blood sugar. This herbal composition in the diabetic pad is due to the increasing spread of diabetes in Iran and the world and the failure of chemical drugs to control it. This disease can act in better control of diabetes and blood sugar in patients compared to existing chemical drugs, and the use of this product is simple and has better acceptance for patients than other forms of medicine. Actually, it is mass produced in the form of diabetic pads. It will arrive and be available to patients for consumption two or three times a day under the supervision of a doctor. Utilizing the capacity of Iran’s medicinal plants and the possibility of mass production of this product in the form of diabetic pads and exporting this product to neighboring countries will be one of its potential advantages. It should be mentioned that this diabetic pad does not have similar internal and external samples.

This drug is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes. These effective substances in these plant compounds can be used in patients with diabetes, and these plant compounds, which are extracts extracted from medicinal plants available in Iran, can be produced in It has a medicinal form that can be used in the form of a diabetic pad by making a reservoir or matrix system in the above-mentioned patients two to three times a day, and for the proper control of the disease, after a month, the doctor will take a blood test to control the disease and its progress. It will be confirmed.

Regulating and modulating the body’s blood sugar level and treating and preventing type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes. Also, for people with insulin resistance, it leads to a decrease in the amount of insulin used. which is in the form of a diabetic pad and easy to use. To produce this product in the industrial phase, the desired plants are collected and extracted, and then the diabetic pad is made and prepared with its own special formulation and placed in industrial batches. And it is packaged and marketed.