Living healthier – KDR

Author: Drago Baban

Country: Croatia


The device performs several functions at the same time

– destroys viruses,

– destroys bacteria,

– several toxins (SFAS)

in the water, air and instruments, at the same time as the employees are doing their work, although, among other things, UV-C lamps are used.

Due to its dimensions of 60 x 60 x 45 cm, the device can be used in ordinary environments such as kitchens, but also in extraordinary ones such as war events, fires, earthquakes, etc.

In order for the device to be used in extraordinary conditions, a small mobile solar power plant of 1,840 W was made, device itself consumes about 150 W.

With the use of tents or containers, a wide application and health care is possible in areas where there is no electricity.

Examples of such areas are in Africa, where this combination of devices would be great benefit in schools, kindergartens, etc., where the population suffers from impure water.Poljoprivredno – prehrambeni sektor.