LI-MI-CRO, microphone with integrated LED reading lamp


Company: DINOLAB d.o.o.

Country: Croatia



An innovation in the form of a microphone with an integrated reading light was presented. This advanced microphone provides improved lighting for the speaker while lecturing on stage. Commonly used speaker microphones are often not optimally illuminated, which can interfere with speech clarity, especially during slide shows or film screenings.

This innovative microphone solves this problem by integrating an LED light strip into the neck of the microphone. The light is controlled via an external switch and can be adjusted to achieve optimal illumination of the speaker’s handwriting. In addition, the built-in socket enables individually adjustable light output, which enables additional adjustment of the light intensity.

In addition to improving the speaker’s experience on stage through the clear illumination of manuscripts, LI-MI-CRO enables significant energy savings because it is no longer necessary to illuminate the entire space of the hall as before.