Laboratory stand for flame test in rotating currents

Author: Abdol Rashid Beykizadeh

Country: Iran

The flame testing laboratory stand in the rotating currents of this invention is technically in the field of combustion science, fluid mechanics and thermal science, and its main application is in the mechanical and aerospace fields. The main goal of using rotating currents is to reduce combustion pollutants, reduce fuel consumption and increase flame stability. One of the most common methods for producing rotation is the use of rotating blades. The main problem of this method is the production of the same rotation for all input speed values, which has been eliminated in the new design. In other words, in this design, the desired rotation number can be obtained for each speed value. In the past, no attention was paid to the type of combustion regime that prevails in the torch; This means that there was no possibility for the user to change the combustion regime. In this design, the user can make changes in the operation of the burner to increase the combustion efficiency. These changes can include a wide range from completely premixed to completely non-premixed. In the upcoming design, an effort has been made to solve this problem of the past torches (which could only have a Design Point) and the torch can operate in this wide range.