KOMODO – the unmanned ground system of next generation


Company: DOK-ING d.o.o.

Country: Hrvatska

e-mail: info@dok-ing.hr

web: www.dok-ing.hr

DOK-ING’s new innovative robotic system Komodo presents a unique unmanned ground system that can operate in extreme chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) conditions. Co-financed by ESIF (European Structural and Investment Fund), as a dual-use asset, the UGS is designed to operate in extreme conditions hazardous to intervention teams with the following key capabilities:


Hybrid propulsion system able to operate in extreme conditions such as low oxygen and high temperature

Reconnaissance and situational awareness mission profile with a wide variety of sensors and detectors and advanced video system

Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) decontamination of vertical and horizontal objects, combat and non-combat equipment, as well as partial self-decontamination

Sample collection of vapor, liquid and solid-state samples

Product control and mitigation with different types of front and rear exchangeable tools.



The robotic system will have the following decontamination capabilities:


Decontamination of objects (by the robotic arm)

Decontamination of personnel (decontamination shower)

Decontamination of surfaces (front tool attachment)

Partial self-decontamination (nozzles distributed on the robotic system)

Sanijet gun/other lance as an extension to the robotic platform.



DOK-ING with this product has been selected as a partner in EDA initiative (European Defense Agency) called PESCO (Permanent Structure Cooperation) and is the only provider on EU level with the Unmanned Ground System with the following capabilities among 4 other EU/NATO countries:


Decontamination and self-decontamination based on automated Cristanini decontamination system

Detection and identification based on proven detectors such as Smith Detection, Bruker etc. (can be replaced/adjusted during future implementation in each country – EDA member)

Automated sample collection of vapor, gas and solid samples

Obstacle clearance – front and rear tool attachments (front gripper and rear Manipulator arm)

Firefighting – pump and turret on telescopic mast

Self-cooling – nozzles distributed across the robotic system

Autonomous algorithms – Artificial intelligence driving (follow me and obstacle avoidance functions).



The Komodo UGS itself is an innovation in this field, as it addresses a wide variety of mission profiles in the civil and military domains. With this project, DOK-ING aims to change the paradigm of defense against CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) and TIM (Toxic Industrial Materials) threats and thus influence the consideration of Unmanned Ground Systems for CBRN in planning and implementation of CBRN defense, defined by the Allied Joint Doctrine for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense.


In addition to the above mentioned, DOK-ING is proud to say that the project has been recognized by EDA’s project “CBRN SaaS “which entered its operational phase on January 21st 2021. In cooperation with 11 industry members from the EU, DOK-ING is developing a technical demonstrator of an operational plugin module built on an unmanned ground system equipped with a variety of sensors to deliver real-time CBRN surveillance, detection and incident data in order to create a recognized CBRN picture.