Authors: Dr. So Sokuntheary, Mr. Chuop Sopheak

Company: Norton University

Country: Cambodia



Monastery is an important architecture role of Cambodian’s Buddhism. The main building in the pagoda which call Vihara, where erected the Buddha statue, is built in the center of the compound with a special decorative roof and opens in all four directions, opening wide to the east. It is an architecture providing of histories concerned with Buddha life in painting and a place for keeping the mind clean and keeping morals, especially on the full moon day monk gathering and pray with the Dharma of the Buddha or read Jataka. The purpose of the project is want to create a system which store all information in monastery of monastery by scanning QR and we want also applies all information of each building inside the historical monastery. We plan to put the QR next to building. So when the tourist come and visit they no need someone to tell the information but they just scan the QR and it appear all the information about the building.