IoT devices for the flood detection




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IoT device monitors the water level with three different sensors (2 contact and 1 contactless). Data from devices are sent through LPWAN network towards the platform for weather conditions forecasting, field agent management, flood life cycles monitoring, receiving images and description of the flood event in the very location. The overall solution is the result of a 3 year H2020 project I-REACT, which will integrate the IoT devices’ data from our project, finishing by the end of January 20201. As a startup, we developed these devices because there is a lack of such approach due to the long IoT devices development and high related costs. Also, this project for developing IoT devices is highly aaligned with the founder’s PhD thesis „Improving flood monitoring and detection with IoT devieces over LPWAN network“. This innovation is a complete solution for disaster management centres, especially for flood events. Also, it encompasses a mobile application for citizens to send reports before and during the flood event, which disaster managers can use to react better, faster and to help save more lives.