Authors: Tran Minh Tu, Tran Nam Phuong, Duong Anh Kiet, Nguyen Khac Hong Hai, Dang Chi Hieu

Faculty: VNU-University of Science

Country: Vietnam


COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Everything has been impacted. How we live and interact with each other, how we work and communicate, how we move around and travel. Every aspect of our lives has been affected. In just six short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, leaving but a few island nations untouched. In the early stages of the pandemic, we saw dramatic shortages in the global availability of personal protective equipment and other medical supplies due primarily to surging demand, in some cases exacerbated by trade restricting measures. And  obviously, this pandemic has definitely shown the whole world how easy it is to penetrate through the medical shield by community transmission, because apart from treating and healing the infected, doctors and  nurses also had to take care of people in quarantine since they might be in incubation period. Thus, not only doctors but all healthcare workers are exhausted and burned out but still unable to stop the spread of Coronavirus.