Interactive wooden “VR4D SOUVENIRS”

Authors: Nela Šakić i Zlatko Šakić

Country: Croatia



This wooden souvenir is interactively connected to a mobile application.

The mobile application is specially programmed to be used in conjunction with the specific wooden souvenir.

After the camera of the mobile device is aimed at the wooden souvenir, a 3D virtual reality image appears of a certain object, feature or tourist attraction associated with the place the souvenir was made.

The design, shape and size of the box is a template, and always of the same size. Only the wording, drawings and engraving on the cards change, depending on the tourism town where the souvenir was created. In this way, a mobile application needs to be made for every tourism town.

The box contains the instructions and QR code that leads to the Google Play platform where the application can be downloaded for free.