Intelligent Multifunctional Campus Security System


Company/Faculty/School: Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan



This invention is about a smart multifunctional campus security system, which is used to remotely control the security of property placed in the classroom.  When we have outdoor classes in school, such as physical education, valuables will remain in the classroom.  If there is no one in the classroom staying behind will cause the risk of property theft.  If you take valuables with you, it will sometimes cause inconvenience.  Therefore, it is necessary to install surveillance devices in the classroom to protect personal safety.  However, the setting of traditional monitoring devices is very troublesome.  For example, the monitoring information needs to be transmitted to 50 students in the same class.  A monitoring camera must be set 50 times.  If there are 4 monitoring cameras, a total of 200 settings are required, which is quite time-consuming.  In our work, LINE Notify is used to push messages to the group of class members, so it only needs to set once to send the monitoring message to the group through the group notification function of line.  We use the Python programming language as a design tool for the software system. In addition, a camera, an infrared motion sensor and a buzzer are installed on the Raspberry Pi, and the LINE Notify is placed in the LINE group using the mobile phone.  When an abnormality is found, the Line is sent notify, activate the buzzer and LED, and start recording.  If we use our work, it will reduce a lot of setting time, and has the advantages of small size and low cost.  The following is a description of related icons for this invention.