Authors: SNJEŽANA TOLIĆ, I. Herzon, D. Gaki, S. Felekis, J. Moran, T. Berchoux, G. Blachos, S. Bäckström, Y. Kazakova, M. Kessari, O. Klepac, V. Mihai, M. Puig-de Morales Fusté, M. Jitea, S. Tolic, M. Roglic

Faculty: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek

Country: Croatia


Project RURUP – Innovative Education for Sustainable Development in Peripheral Rural Areas (PRA), co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, is the result of a cooperation of seven Higher Education partners from seven EU member states. Ambition of the project was to improve capacity for sustainable development in PRA across Europe by deeper understanding of specific skills and competencies needed in such regions, by supporting curriculum development for the development of such skills and supporting professional competencies of HE educators and Advisors, and by contributing to creation of international pool of open educational resources.

Project innovations were reflected in several aspects: the first is related to creation of educational materials through international exchange of knowledge and experience and cooperation in which the strong participation of regional stakeholders from farmers to advisors was present. The second aspect covers innovative teaching methods and materials that are firstly adapted to interactive ways of learning using digital technology (e-course through interactive e-learning platform), and secondly, extended and enacted through in-field intensive training (Summer School). Finally, resulting educational materials are planned to be made available for teaching and learning to HE teachers and practitioners in the field on Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE).