Individualization of anonymous identities using artificial intelligence


Company: CITUS d.o.o.


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Individualization of anonymous identities using artificial intelligence – enables innovative human-computer interaction through personalization of communication that is both individual and anonymous at the same time.  Owing to artificial intelligence, this solution detects and recognizes, in real time, the age group, sex, size and proportions of the human body, and other characteristics of the person. This information makes the so-called person’s biometric footprint, and it is linked to a unique, but anonymous, identity that is recorded in the computer system, along with other information that makes up the person’s profile. Identity anonymization is achieved by asymmetric encryption of the biometric footprint, without any additional personal information being stored, and integrity is ensured by the use of Blockchain technology. By using an anonymous but individualized identity, a person “unlocks” access to a variety of content that is accessed solely through authentication . All data collected is GDPR compliant. This solution enables anonymization of user identities for market segmentation purposes and implementation of loyalty programs. This solution is applicable in various industries: healthcare, education, retail, marketing, etc. These are just some of the possibilities to use this solution.