Hydroabrasive wear test system of metallic materials used in hydraulic machines

Authors: Cătălin-Andrei Țugui, Petrică Vizureanu, Andrei Victor Sandu

Company/Faculty/School: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

Country: ROMANIA

The invention relates to an installation for testing the abrasive wear of metal materials used in hydraulic machines. The installation according to the invention comprises a command-and-control panel (1), a stirring motor (3), a cylindrical stainless-steel tank (4), inside which a shaft (5) is immersed in a liquid with abrasive particles. operated at different engine speeds (3), having at one end a clamping system (6), on which are mounted some samples (7). Sampling testing is done at adjustable speeds and different contact angles by immersing them in water which may contain different percentages of abrasive particles.