Company: Okusi sreće Pavica

Country: Croatia

e-mail: Pavica.varga@yahoo.com

The memories of my grandmother’s kitchen and the smell of autumn full of flavours and aromas prompted me to bring all those grandmother’s smells and flavours back to the present.

The spread is entirely natural and healthy, made from the oldest and most appreciated variety of apples – Idared, which is characterised by its juiciness and sour-sweet taste.

It is cooked for a long time to combine the depth of brown and white sugar and to give depth of flavour, better caramelisation, beautiful texture and irresistible silky airiness. The added Ceylon cinnamon elevates the taste by evoking warmth and richness of flavour, while vanilla rounds off all those warm flavours.

This aromatic spread is intended for all generations and can completely replace the morning meal. It can be spread over bread or toast, added to oatmeal, muffins, cakes, ice cream, and the most favourite – pancakes. It can also be a snack.

The spread is made in two variants: with white and brown sugar and the addition of Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla, and with erythritol sugar (it is low in calories and has a lower glycaemic index), which is intended for diabetics and people who watch their weight.

It is available all year round,

100% natural

100% locally made

100% sustainable.