“Autumn story” is a healthy and tasty gluten-free cake. It does not contain lactose and refined sugar.The fat content in the cake is reduced.

It is intended for people that suffer from celiac disease. It can also be consumed by healthy people who have eliminated gluten from their diet, which scientists associate with many diseases.

Profiteroles are baked from mixed rice and cornflour, and pseudocereals buckwheat and white amaranth which are rich in minerals,

Vitamins and fiber. They are full of energy and easily digestible. Buckwheat and amaranth have been scientifically proven to lower serum cholesterol and glucose. Buckwheat and amaranth contain high quality lysine protein. They also contain squalene, a natural immunostimulant, which increases the human body’s resistance to inflammation and various diseases. The cake also contains chia seeds that serve as a binder in the flour.

Autumn story creams come in four flavors: high-energy sweet potato cream, two light flavors, orange with popped amaranth (amaranth popcorn) and quince, and cherry leaf wine.