Company: Atelier ceramic handmade work with love

Country: Croatia

e-mail: natalive73@hotmail.com

#gicgica is a ceramic piggy bank, a product with a funny message or meaning.

The photos of the product show #gicgica “Kuvačica” conceived as a gift to a cook with a humorous message intended for the guests at lunch: “Tip”. It can also include the company logo, with a funny message or “bećarac.” Each #gicgica will have its own name, so Slavonian black pig will be named “Garavuša”, #gicgica with eyelashes and varnished nails will be named “Šminkerica”, the one with ducats will be named “Šokica”, and the one with the inscription “Kiss mee” – “Ljubilica”. Whether as a gift for newlyweds, business partners, moms, wives or children, or as an association to Slavonia, the product with countless variants of humorous messages has its ultimate mission, and that is to encourage the joy of living and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Greetings from #gicgica.