Floor lamp fRandl (For reading and lighting)


Country: Croatia

e-mail: kulas980@gmail.com

The name of the product, the floor lamp fR&L (for reading and lighting), indicates its dual purpose as a light source.

The lamp is made from 3-mm thick cardboard sheets, precisely cut to form using a cutting machine and assembled by hand by applying an adhesive.

The design avoids the limitations of unidirectionality and allows the user to interact with the product.  The lampshades, attached to the body at an angle of 60 degrees, can be oriented in different directions. One shade can be used as a reading light, while the other illuminates a wider area. Triangular attachments can be placed into and removed from the slots at the top of the lamp for additional interactivity. They help customize the visual structure of the upper two elements of the lamp.

The power switch extension is made using 3D printing technology. It eliminates the problem of two different outgoing power cables for the two lampshades, making it possible to operate the lamp using a single power switch.