FIR Collagen Dipeptide for Enhancing Elasticity and Hydrating of Skin

Author: Zen Innovation Co., Ltd.

Company: Zen Innovation Co., Ltd.

Country: Thailand


This research we evaluate the fir energy of collagen dipeptide and also the clinical efficacy in the skin moisture content and skin elasticity after intake FIR collagen dipeptide for 7, 14  and 30 days  compare to normal collagen dipeptide. We found that FIR images imply effect of FIR energy in human body which can increase cell resonance, metabolism and blood circulation. The skin analysis by cutometer MPA580 shows that FIR collagen dipeptide was higher effective to increase skin moisture content (2.33 fold)  and skin elasticity (2.16fold). FIR collagen dipeptide has a good solubility and good long term stability.