Epidemic prevention elevator system identified by intelligent AI

Author: Yang Yao Sheng,Lin Wen Chieh,Jin Xiao Nan,Jiang Xin Jie,Chuang Shih Ching,

Company: Jiangsu Vocational College Of Information Technology,Kao Yuan University

Country: Taiwan

e-mail: eddie@wiipa.org.tw

web: https://www.wiipa.org.tw/

The non-contact control switch can avoid direct contact with the switch and reduce the chance of spreading bacteria and viruses; it can also be accurately interpreted to avoid malfunction of electrical appliances. According to the set command, a control command is sent to the driver of the elevator through the output interface, and the driver will control the elevator to the designated floor.

Foot sensor device for elevator, suitable for user’s feet, sensor module, light-emitting module and control module. It is not necessary to press the button by hand, and the sensing device can be activated by moving the foot, which is not only convenient, but also reduces the probability of indirect contact infection of bacteria and viruses through the button.

In the existing elevator, it is impossible to identify whether each passenger is wearing a mask, and it is impossible to issue a warning to remind passengers who do not wear masks to wear masks, which will increase the risk of passengers being infected with the epidemic. Therefore, the present invention automatically identifies whether each passenger in the elevator wears a mask, and reminds passengers who do not wear a mask to wear a mask.