Energy recovery system

Authors: MILICI Dan Laurenţiu, PAVĂL Mihaela, NIȚAN Ilie, GROSU Oana Vasilica, TOADER Eusebiu, POPA Cezar Dumitru, ATĂNĂSOAE Pavel, BOBRIC Crenguţa Elena, IRIMIA Daniela

Faculty: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava/ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/ Electrotechnical Department

Country: Romania


The energy recovery system according to the invention consists mainly of a fixing body 1 with LED light sources 2 facing downwards for the illumination of the access path and an articulated arm 3 connecting to the hinged door / pivoting window, provided with an axis 4 whose movement is multiplied by means of a mechanical multiplier 5 and is taken over by the direct current generator 6, and by means of the battery charging system 7 the battery 8 is charged and supplies the LED light sources 2 placed on the fixing body 1 , the system counting the number of openings by noticing the double change of the direction of the voltage generated by the direct current generator 6.