Educational souvenir Wooden puzzle “GLAGOLITIC WHEEL“

Authors: Nela Šakić i Zlatko Šakić

Country: Croatia



The educational souvenir is a wooden puzzle called “Glagolitic wheel” and it is inspired by the stone rosette in the town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk. According to the theory of scientist Vasil Jončev (19th century), all the letters of the Glagolitic alphabet can be derived from a circle divided into eight parts.

The wooden puzzle “Glagolitic wheel” is a practical example of his theory, where wooden cut-outs are placed into the grooves on the base, thereby creating the different Glagolitic letters.

The puzzle consists of a base with a drawing of a circle divided into eight equal parts, the circle and its divisions are grooves 3 mm deep into which the wooden pieces (21 pieces in all) are placed based on the pattern on the board, which is placed perpendicular in the groove in the base.

No one has ever made anything like this; the theory exists, though we have taken it one step further, turning theory into a practical educational souvenir and learning aid.

It is made out of wood and painted with ecological paints.

Industrial property: D20210057