Company/Faculty/School: THERESA LAY GOD’S PILL

Country: USA

e-mail: info@tisias.org

An edible communion gel capsule including a gel capsule having at least one interior cavity & at least one of a liquid, alternately, a powder disposed within at least one interior cavity. The liquid is one of wine, alternatively, grape juice, and the powder is an edible grape juice powder. An edible solid material is disposed around one section of a medial section of the capsule, and entirely of an exterior surface area of the gel capsule & one half of an exterior surface area of the gel capsule. The solid material is bread. Holy Communion Gel Capsule is described where both juice (or wine & wafer) are provided in a compact and portable package facilitating the participation away from the church or distributed quicker and more conveniently. A gel cap or soft gel capsule filled with grape juice and/or wine surrounded by a wafer or bread ring. Compact juice/juice power + wafer in a supplement form, portable, sanitary, great for military, large or small groups. There are 2 billion Christians who regularly take Communion; military base, disaster situation, war, global pandemic, Christ invited the world to Communion.