e-Dnevnik Plus



e-mail: kristijan.ros@gmail.com; skola@ss-elektrotehnicka-zg.skole.hr

web page: www.ednevnik.plus; www.ss-elektrotehnicka-zg.skole.hr

e-Dnevnik Plus is a software extension for e-Dnevnik, an electronic grade book for students, parents, and teachers, used to track the students’ school activities.

e-Dnevnik Plus for students and parents adds a multitude of new options to e-Dnevnik (ocjene.skole.hr), making learning easier, more interesting, and successful for students. Grade forecasting, exam notifications, lesson notes, high school admission points calculator, a clear overview of all grades per class, and grade statistics – all these are just the basic extension features.

e-Dnevnik Plus for teachers displays the average grades in e-Dnevnik (e-dnevnik.skole.hr), making the process of determining final grades significantly quicker. It also provides interesting statistics about the students in the class.

e-Dnevnik Plus for schools is a special version of the app extension aimed at all students and intended for use in their primary or secondary schools. It provides a quick and simple overview of the grades displayed on touch screen totems using contactless sign-in tokens.

e-Dnevnik Plus with more than 10,000 users who use it every day, won the 1st prize in the National Informatics Competition. For more information visit www.ednevnik.plus.