Author: Chung Yi- Chen,Jou-Wen- Lu,Yang Chen Shih,Guan Ting LIU,YANG LUNG SHIH

Company: National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei Tech National, Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences,Chinese Culture University,National Chin-Yi University of Technology

Country: Taiwan



This creation system provides an instillation sensor, which is mainly used when the patient is hanging instillation, and is used for the auxiliary point.

A detector is installed on the drip bottle, and the detector is electrically connected to a sounding device; when the drip in the auxiliary drip bottle is about to be used up, the detector detects the lower liquid level in the auxiliary drip bottle and immediately informs The buzzer on the sounding device emits a warning sound to inform the medical staff to replace the drip bottle in time.