Device for continuous skeletal traction

Authors: CENUȘĂ Mihai, POIENAR Mihaela, MILICI Laurențiu Dan, RAȚĂ Mihai, IRIMIA Daniela, PENTIUC Radu Dumitru, LUPU Elena Daniela, AFANASOV Ciprian

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Country: Romania


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The invention relates to a device for continuous skeletal traction in the case of fractures of the femur, tibia or fibula.

The device for continuous skeletal traction, according to the invention is mainly composed of an electromagnet (1), an adjustable voltage source controlled by voltage (2), a potentiometer (3), a automatically programmable with a display panel (4), a distance sensor (5) a support and guide system (6) and a towed element (7) and (7′), the tensile strength of which is determined according to the instructions of the specialist for the correct positioning of the limb.