Desk and bookcase in one

Author: Chin-Chih Chang、Hsuan-Yi Liao、Chia-Chun Tsai、Chih-Yu Liao

Company: Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management

Country: Taiwan



This creation is an innovative work that combines a desk and a bookcase. The combination of the bookcase and the desk increases the flexibility of space utilization, and adds wheels at the bottom of the bookcase to increase the ease of mobility of the bookcase. When the desk is not in use, it can be folded as a bookcase dustproof door (as shown in Figure 1), and when it is needed, it can be used by unfolding, and the height of the desk can be adjusted according to the user’s needs, which is more ergonomic (as shown in Figure 2). Show). The desk part of this innovative product can also be placed on the bed, which increases the convenience of using the product (as shown in Figure 3).