Country: Croatia


Croguide is a web application that contains an algorithm that helps the user to organize his stay in  Croatia, depending on his ability to pay and interests. After creating an account, the user fills out a form that includes questions such as: “how much is your payment capacity?”, “what kind of food and activities do you like?”.

After that, the algorithm offers the user his “perfect day”, that organizes his stay according to all his preferences. The user can limit his perfect day (example: life only at night). CroGuide will be very easy to use because it will be made with WordPress design. Likewise, CroGuide will be available all the time, which means that, like every page, it will not have its own working hours and will be available to everyone in just a few clicks. CroGuide will be a platform where Croatian service industries will get an opportunity and will be oriented not only to the user but also to the service provider, which means that it will be a good solution for marketing entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of its work, CroGuide will only be for a certain region of the country, but it will be able to expand even globally!