Controlling an electric motor using an H-bridge



School: Elektrotehnička škola Zagreb

Country: Croatia



The model to control a direct current electric motor was achieved using an H-bridge, and it is intended for displaying the work and controlling the work with a direct current motor in both turning directions. The model is supplemented with 3D printing technology, as the engine rotor is made from PLA material and printed on a Prusa iK33D printer. The model also includes two LED lights that indicate turning direction, left and right. The model shows the principle of controlling reversible motors in industry, which is common in the food industry, e.g., in the production of chocolate, cookies, toppings, pastries, etc., or in electrical engineering in the case of reversible hydropower plants. The model also displays the principle of functioning and the difference in switches and buttons, where proper functioning is indicated by the lighting up of the red LED lights.