Compost-microbial Pellet for Degrading Rice Straw for “ZERO BURN”

Authors: Aphisit Nilmat, Marisa Phanamorn, Sasithon Srikram and Dusit Athinuwat

Faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University

Country: Thailand


Invention is a new organic compost formula mixed of 5 adaptative microbial strains, a commercial bioproduct cooperate with private sector and Thammasat University. It is high efficacy to degrade rice straw, enrich soil nutrients, and reduces burning in agriculture areas. Thailand has 29.15 million tons rice straw burned per year that released PM2.5 about 70-125 µg per m3. This invention was transferred to farmer community to solve burning in agriculture areas and reduce rice production cost from using synthetic fertilizer (N P K) by US$350 million per year. It can be applied to other country that need to use these zero burn approach.