Breathless Nature

Authors: Khulood A. Ishaque & Dr. Wijdan Tawfiq

Company/Faculty/School: King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Country: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

tel: 00966126400000

Breathless Nature concept is a miniature representation of environmental pollution designed to raise awareness about human activities which cause environmental damage.


  • Expressive art is known as a representation of the environment which it simulates to express emotions and subjective feelings. The design encapsulates not only a problem posed by environmental pollutants but also a possible solution.
  • Conceptual art, this design focuses of the concept of reuse as a sustainability solution in reducing the risks of environmental pollutants.

Design Features

  • Breathless Nature designed to highlight images of nature by simulating natural elements.
  • The process to construct this design started by draping the princess seamed, strapless bodice pattern with a light organza fabric and a bungee fabric for the lining.
  • The skirt was constructed using 17 laser-cut lozenge shape pieces of blue and light pink organza to represent the shape of waves and rose petals. Then, laser-cut flower petals, leaves, and seashell were added to simulate nature and marine life.
  • The use of laser cutting and small layered shapes was specifically chosen to allow the design to utilize repurposed materials.
  • Finally, the bubble wrap was used to form a sheer top from shoulder to neckline. This represents the overuse of plastic which overshadows and endangers the beauty of nature


In sum, this design was made as a model that mimics nature as well as presents a solution and intellectual conclusions that address human consciousness. Moreover, this design was constructed so as to preserve the balance of nature through using more sustainable practices and give an example of how to bring about change in the surrounding environment.