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BOOKMEDIA is the global multimedia platform for book publishers. It enables a completely new level of experience and interaction between book and men and extends the traditional experience of a book reading by implementation of various multimedia elements.

When a smartphone or a tablet is directed towards the object/image in the book  the multimedia content, of that object/image is displayed on a screen of a device, as follows: sound and/or video and/or image and/or text and/or link on content etc..

The main advantage of this innovation, which supports augmented reality, is its potential, ie the potential of the platform that is currently unique because it is not tied to just one book, it is applicable to different books/titles both existing and the new editions.  Therefore, there is no need to change the design of the book or to print a special edition – it can be used on almost every book/title.

Applicable to wide range of industries: education, healthcare, tourism, entertaining, retail, marketing etc..

Supported on iOS and Android platforms.

Cloud based architecture.