Bladeless fan

Author: HD-JEV-HNY


Country: Taiwan



A bladeless fan, the fan system comprises: a motor base, which is located at the bottom of the fan, the top of which is provided with an annular groove, and a latching element is respectively provided on both sides of the top edge, and one end of the latching element is provided with a snap; a filter A filter, which is placed in the annular groove of the electromechanical base for positioning; and a fan frame, a filter cover is installed below it to cover the periphery of the filter, and there are button holes at both ends of the inner side of the filter cover, which can be used for the electromechanical base. The clasp of the clasp element is fastened, and the inner side of the clasp element has an elastic element sleeved on a central rod. The user can pull the clasp element by hand and squeeze the elastic element, so that the clasp can be released from the filter cover buckle. The catch of the hole to remove the fan frame.