Author: Jasna Anna Marija

Company: OPG PICEK-VRT "Mala vidrica"

Country: Croatia


Blackberry and lavender vinegar is a delicate vinegar, full of aromas of blackberry and lavender, which are up to 5 times stronger when combined than when used individually. One small spoon is sufficient for one salad (of course, it depends on both the year and sunny weather). Our advantage, in relation to competitors, is that we do not have monoculture, but we use up to 40 different varieties of berries from permaculture for production.  Vinegar is not kept in a refrigerator and can be used for every salad, salted and sweet.

We started with a plantation in 2010 and we created a mixed plantation step by step in 4 stages:

“Under fruit tall shrubs, underneath them low shrubs and medicinal plants, and below them wild pansies, dandelions and low medicinal herbs.” We have almost 40 varieties only from blackberries . The plantation includes mostly old varieties: Jabuka Petrovka, white Slavonian plums, cherry plums, old varieties of blackberries, strawberries and berries. The purpose of such planting is to protect and support plants as in the forest. Our plants have not been sprayed, irrigated or fed. There is no CHEMISTRY in our garden as well as in our production.

Why blackberry AND lavender vinegar:

The price of buying lavender was very low, which did not suit us, so we asked for a quality product for blackberries and lavender. We found a recipe for aromatised vinegar indicating that the recipe is from Saint Hildegard (I still haven’t found proof of this). After producing this clear vinegar, blackberries and lavenders were  left, so we made a dense vinegar in which the whole blackberry and lavender were mixed without pits (like dense orange juice). This vinegar is more acidic with more than 7% of acids, but there are also bits of blackberry and lavender, and it acts as a concentrate of clear vinegar. Once opened, it should be kept in a refrigerator.

‘Plava kamenica’ tested 60 Croatian delicate vinegars, and ours was named among the top three in Croatia.