Biocompatible oil in water microemulsions with hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid and method for obtaining thereof

Authors: Dinu-Pîrvu Cristina Elena, Popa Lăcrămioara, Ghica Mihaela Violeta, Anuța Valentina, Prisada Răzvan-Mihai, Velescu Bruno Ștefan, Talianu Marina-Theodora

Company/Faculty/School: “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest

Country: Romania

tel: +40722304864

The invention refers to a biocompatible oil in water (O/W) microemulsion, with hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid, designed for topical application in dermatologic therapy of acne and a method for obtaining thereof.

The technical issue solved by the invention consists in: (i) designing a topical system as oil in water microemulsion, (ii) selection of two phases, an aqueous and an oil phase, a surface active mixture formed by two surfactants and a cosurfactant, the selection of a biopolymer and an antiacne active, combined in various ratios in order to obtain stable systems characterized by adequate physico-chemical parameters, which can ensure the topical application and the obtaining of a superior action in acne treatment.

The following advantages result from the invention:

– the topical use of a biocompatible O/W microemulsion which may incorporate (i) an antiacne active, namely salicylic acid 0.5%, due to a surface tension modulator system with solubilization capacity and diffusion promoting properties through stratum corneum;

-minimizing the adverse reactions of salicylic acid like erythema or dryness by the integration of (ii) hyaluronic acid as a biopolymer with hydrating, protective and resurfacing properties;

-the biocompatibility of surface tension mixture is also defined by (iii) the association of Tween 80 as a non-ionic surfactant with lecithin as a natural zwitterionic surfactant; the tensioactive mixture content is selected under the maximum required value of 70%.