“BAKIS” pickled vegetable salad for strengthening immunity and cleaning blood vessels


Country: Croatia

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BAKIS is a pickled vegetable salad full of minerals and vitamins. The combination of vegetables and the method of preparation improves immunity, is a strong antioxidant, improves skin tone, improves digestion due to the high proportion of dietary fiber and regulates the work of fatty liver.


Orange sweet potato is stewed in extra virgin olive oil with the addition of sweet red pepper, parsley leaves and tomatoes. Cooking improves the nutritional properties of tomatoes. Olive oil promotes the absorption of vitamin A from the vegetables, which are rich in beta carotene. It is an excellent combination with red onion, mustard seed and garlic. Alcoholic vinegar and small amounts of sugar act as preservatives. Salad is served with meat dishes. Added to the stew, it improves its taste.


Nutritional properties of BAKIS

Minerals: potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, iron, zinc, sodium, fluoride, retinol. Vitamins: A, B (except B12), C, E and K.

Proteins, dietary fiber, folic acid, phenols, flavonoids, essential oils, lycopene.


BAKIS has diuretic and aphrodisiac properties and improves circulation. It is intended for: children, pregnant women, elderly people, diabetics, people with chr.pancreatitis, people recovering from illness, athletes.