Bags made of rushes #romantic


Company: Okusi sreće Pavica

Country: Croatia


Checkers are made by hand from the rush plant that grows in the swampy areas of Podravina, which is made by ligozari, an old craft that is dying out.

My new line of checks #romantic and this time they are a combination of old crafts and modern.

The emphasis is on the simplicity, the beauty of living, the lightness and a bit of playfulness of that little child in us. They come in different shapes and bows with cheerful colors that will make every woman unique, magical and daring, to enjoy an outing, shopping, walking and her AHA moment.

Each checker is special and unique.

The checker has a classic shape, dimensions 25×42 cm.

The checker has a light construction and a spacious interior, and it is lined with natural fabric in cheerful colors, a sewn-in deep pocket with a zipper and a case as an additional fashion accessory.

It is very practical for everyday use, but also elegant enough to attract attention on all occasions.

Ceker is a 100% natural and anti-allergic product, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

With Ceker, we live a sustainable way of life, reduce the global environmental problem, and connect with nature where we belong.