Automatic system for monitoring driver’s attention

Authors: TOADER Eusebiu, PAVĂL Mihaela, MILICI Dan Laurenţiu, BOBRIC Crenguţa Elena, IRIMIA Daniela, VLAD Valentin, NIȚAN Ilie, GRAUR Adrian

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava/ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/ Electrotechnical Department

Country: Romania


The automatic system for monitoring the attention of drivers according to the invention consists of a system of two sensors for evaluating the electrodermal resistance (7) and (7 ‘) at the driver’s hand, pulse (9), hand contact force and the steering wheel (8), the acceleration of the vehicle (4), the angular displacement of the steering wheel (5) and its vibrations (6), place on the steering wheel by means of a cover. The retrieved data is processed using a microcontroller procurement system that will determine if the position of the hands on the steering wheel is correct and if the driver’s condition allows him to drive.