Automatic ice remover device for aerial power lines

Authors: CENUȘĂ Mihai, POIENAR Mihaela, MILICI Laurențiu-Dan, GRAUR Adrian, UNGUREANU Constantin, ATĂNĂSOAE Pavel, BOBRIC Crenguța-Elena, POPA Cezar-Dumitru

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Country: Romania


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The invention relates to an automatic ice remover device for reducing the mechanical demands of the airlines due to the weather conditions.

The automatic ice remover device for aerial power lines, according to the invention, consists mainly of a metallic cylindrical part (1), a helical spring (2), the dynamometric spurs with return (3) and (3`), the movable part ( 4) and the guide system (12), and when the layer of ice reaches the set weight (calculated), the dynamometric spurs (3) and (3`) release the movable part (4) that hits the fixed part (8), the impact between movable part (4) and fixed part (8) leading to the release of ice from of the power line conductor (6).