Automatic command control system

Authors: TOADER V. Eusebiu, POIENAR Mihaela, MILICI Mariana Rodica, RAȚĂ Gabriela, PRODAN Cristina, VLAD Valentin, NIȚAN Ilie, UNGUREANU Constantin

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Country: Romania


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The invention relates to an automatic command control system, given by a user to a lever, made based on the evaluation of the electrodermal electrical resistance and the contact force.

The automatic command control system according to the invention consists mainly of a lever system (1), provided with a microcontroller acquisition of the electrodermal signal (2), taken over by two electroconductive sensors from a biocompatible material (3) and (3 ‘), an adapter circuit (4) and a force sensor (5), through which it is determined whether the commands given by the user are valid or the lever was actuated by mistake.