Automated organic chicken breeding


Menthor: Roman Rubčić

School: Osnovna škola Iver, Zagreb

Automated organic chicken breeding in and out of the enclosure, controlled by an application on a smartphone.

Chickens, while small, must be raised in the facility because they cannot maintain their temperature outside.

In the facility, the application on the smartphone is automatically controlled and controlled by humidity, temperature, lighting and a drinker. If necessary, the drinker is automatically filled with water from the well, and the feeder is checked and notified by e-mail if there is a need for refilling.

When they grow up, the chickens are let out into the enclosure during the day. When it is day, the chickens are let out by automatically opening the door of the facility. When night falls, the chickens are chased into the building with the help of an “arrest warrant”, and when the sensor determines that there are no chickens outside, the door of the building is closed.

With an automated process, we save electricity and water and thus protect our environment.