Automated Cashierless Store

Author: Cheng-Rui, Du

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



In the current Taiwanese society, traditional retail stores are the mainstays, that is, customers select products in supermarkets and check out at the counter. However, in addition to increasing personnel costs, such retail stores will also be caused by the negligence of staff. The rights of customers or owners suffer, not to mention that it is outdated and old-fashioned. In order to solve this problem, students and I invented an automatic unmanned store, which means that there are no staff in the store. After customers enter the store, they can shop and check out in a self-service way, without queuing up to pay, so that customers can “take and leave” new retail stores.

    The present invention refers to an automatic unmanned store, which achieves a safety protection mechanism for shopping through technical equipment such as metal sensors, Internet of Things, weight sensors, image recognition technology, radio frequency identification, AI, and big data. Before entering the store, customers need to download the exclusive APP through their mobile phones, register as a member, bind a credit card or debit card, and scan the code to enter the store for consumption. The ceiling of the entire store is equipped with an AI surveillance system. From the moment a customer enters the store, the monitor will record the customer’s movement, browse the products, take, check the label or put back the product, etc. Send the image to the machine for image recognition. As long as the customer picks up a certain product, it will be automatically added to the virtual shopping cart in the APP. If the customer does not want to buy it and put the product back on the shelf, the virtual shopping cart in the APP will also be automatically deleted. Finally, when customers have finished selecting products, they do not have to wait in line to check out. Because there is no checkout counter in the store, customers only need to walk out of the store directly, and the consumption amount will be automatically deducted from the member’s account when they leave, realizing the “take go” concept.