AR Smart Name Tag


Company: CITUS d.o.o.

Country: Croatia


Innovative IT platform that provides information about any person/people in a room/hall/playground etc. without need for them to wear a visible name tag. The mobile application provides a name tag in augmented view on a screen of a mobile device (phone, tablet, smart glasses, etc.) and, if that person allows it, it does not provide only the name of the person, but much more (registration, COVID 19 status, classified information, fields of interest etc.). AR Smart Name Tag can be combined with wireless tag to enable guidance to a person’s location in a room with the small cloud/flag (above that person’s head) containing the person’s name or showing all the people belonging to a specific group (speakers, security, press, dentists etc.).

Besides the usual data (name, surname, company name, status) additional information can be attached to AR Smart Name Tag, either by an administrator or a person who attached himself/herself through self-service portal.  Only information that each person uploads to the platform can be seen, shared, updated, and managed according to preference and permission of that person, and can be used unlimited on various events, occasions, and facilities. Information can be shared only with a chosen or authorized person/s. Integrity is ensured through the use of Blockchain technology.

This is a decision-making tool based on MR/AR technology that solves the problems of daily life. An innovative platform for management of personal data information and all other classified information which at the same time provides complete privacy, identity protection and private data security.

So, if you have a habit of forgetting names and you are not sure what the name of your boss’s wife is, or you want to get in touch only with dentists from Dubrovnik, or you only want to be approached by professors of mathematics, or you do not want to be addressed at all etc. this is the perfect solution for you.