Analysis and design of humanoid robot motion

Author: Ghoz Mohanna Falemban

Company: Umm Salamah High school, Department of Education for Gifted Students in Mecca

Country: Saudi Arabia

We invented an control tool that utilize the ( ZMP ) trajectory and uses the automatic heel and toe movement

1 – Expand the control gate device on lifting the heel and toe automatically on flat surface

with greater length steps .

2- Use the reference foot angle inclination to generate a normal gate, and

uses the torso trajectory that have been generated from the ( ZMP ) trajectory

that moves from the heel to the tor .


The experimental results show that our method can help the robot achieve larger stride length without lowering the COM height, as well as generating a human-like heel-strike toe-off gait with a

reference foot tilt trajectory. Future work will include updating the dynamics model of the robot to account for the large momentum of swinging leg to further improve the stability and performance of the locomotion.