Faculty: Faculty of Food Technology Osijek

Country: Croatia

e-mail: dackar@ptfos.hr

In addition to education at all levels of studies and lifelong learning, the Faculty of Food and Technology, Osijek uses innovative extraction techniques, green synthesis methods, provides solutions for the exploitation of food industry by-products and the improvement of the nutritional value of products, and develop new products and new analytical methods. We do scientific and expert research in co-operation with the economy.

At the Faculty of Food and Technology, Osijek, we conduct research in various fields:

– innovative extraction techniques: supercritical fluid extraction, extraction with water in a subcritical state, microwave-assisted extraction, ultrasound, cold plasma and extraction with eutectic solvents

– Green synthesis methods: use of eutectic solvents, microwaves, ultrasound

– exploitation of the by-products of the food processing industry: incorporating derivates into food products (extruded snacks, biscuits, chocolate, cream products); the processing of derivates  with filament fungi; the production of biologically active isolates using modern conservation procedures (spray drying, lyophilisation, encapsulation); immobilisation of enzymes on functional carriers based on food industry by-products; wastewater treatment by adsorption

– development of new products: biopolymer gels as carriers of bioactive and volatile components; cream products; vegetable spreads; biscuits; pastry; products based on traditional fruit varieties; syrups; cosmetics; biodegradable packaging

We cooperate with the economy through:

– Analytic methods: chromatographic (HPLC, GC, TLC), spectrometric (FTIR, spectrophotometric), conductometric and other methods of analysis of different products: honey; fats and oils; flour and bakery products; fruits, vegetables and products; spices, essential oils and medicinal herbs; wine; water; derivatives

– expert projects

– Education – lifelong learning: Traditional and modern procedures for processing medicinal herbs; The programme of testing, training and education for sensory analysis of honey; Education programme for Slavonian sausage producers on family farms (family farms); The production of cheese and other dairy products on family farms (agricultural holdings); Establishing a food safety system in restaurants and small enterprises; Education of Slavonian Kulen producers on family farms (OPG); Fruit and vegetable quality, storage, preparation for sale and processing; Sensor analysis in the food industry; Healthy plate; contemporary technological processes for the production of fruit distillates; A programme for the acquisition of missing knowledge, skills and competences to enrol in graduate university studies; Production of craft beer; Manufacture of vegetable oils and oil-based products.

We organise/participate in the organisation of quality assessment

– varietal honey species in Croatia

– Rakija and other alcoholic beverages

– fruit jams

– beers

We educate :

– Bachelors of Food Technology

– Master of Food Engineering

– Master of Nutrition and Food  Science

– Master of Biotechnology (Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Programme in English)

– University Nutrition Specialist

– University Specialist in Technology of Traditional Meat Products

– University Specialist in Food Safety and Quality

– University specialists of innovations in food production

– PhD.) in biotechnical sciences, scientific field Nutrition.