School: Skola za modu i dizajn, Zagreb

Country: Croatia


Fashion Kit is an innovative folder with sewing accessories. It is intended for curious kids from the age of five to ten and small researchers and take’s them to the first steps towards the world of fashion. It is made of non-woven textiles of cheerful colors and contains sewing accessories that are adapted to work in a safe way for the specified age.

The Fashion Kit folder is suitable for preschool children and lower elementary school students and serves as a teaching aid for teachers and educators to work with children. The goal is to promote the professions taught at the School of Fashion and Design Zagreb.

Touching the cover of the folder itself will stimulate the senses and encourage children to further explore the contents of the folder. By using accessories, children develop psychomotor skills, logical thinking, reasoning and problem solving, creativity, fine motor skills and a sense of fashion.

The folder contains hand needles (plastic) of different sizes, scissors, jute and cotton fabric measuring 10×15 and 10×12, wool threads of different colors, felt buttons and an educational pattern with a basic stitch.