RAS 90 Automatic train protection system


Company: ALTPRO d.o.o.

Country: Croatia

e-mail: altpro@altpro.hr

RAS90 is an advanced safety system for railway vehicles based on INDUSI technology which stops the train in emergency situations and continuously monitors train movement. Emergency situation can occur when the train passes through the stop signal, the train driver is distracted, the train overspeeds…


Innovation advantages are as follows:

  • Continuous monitoring of train behaviour
  • Advanced computer diagnostics
  • Complete set of testing devices
  • Event recording which enables more precise maintenance and evaluation of incident states in an accident
  • Train driver registration
  • Integrated dead man’s system
  • GPS positioning and communication which serves the purpose of remote diagnostics


By implementing RAS90 system, the railway significantly increases its safety level. RAS90, based on INDUSI technology, is a microprocessor high tech product which warns the train driver and automatically stops the train depending on the information it gathered while passing by the signals on the railway and the information based on the train driver behaviour. RAS90 also monitors train behaviour throughout the journey and advises safety measures. The system is resistant to all sorts of vibrations, shocks and impacts which occur during exploatation on the railway vehicle and represents a turnkey safety solution for railway vehicles of a country. It is easily adaptable for communication to other safety systems and european standard for control/command and communication systems of ETCS level.