Distancer 2M


Company: 2M divison j.d.o.o.

e-mail: info@2mdivision.hr

web page: www.distancer2m.com; www.2mdivision.hr

Distancer 2M is an electronic device that uses light, vibrating and audio signals to remind the user to maintain the required two-metre physical distance rule. It is worn as a badge on the lapel or a pendant around the neck.

Basic features of Distancer 2M:

  • the device does not use GPS tracking (does not track the user’s movement and does not contain a SIM card)
  • the user can choose to activate light and/or auditory signals
  • the product is of small size and low weight (round, 5 cm in diameter and weighs 30 grams)
  • intended for people of all ages (4-94), especially useful for people with visual impairment
  • Long-lasting use, chargeable (it takes 1 hour to charge the battery, after which the device can be actively used for 40 hours)