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This innovative product used for separating sludge from water offers a number of advantages over conventional methods of industrial waste water management. The screw sludge press maintains a continuous process of separating solid particles from the medium and is suitable for industries in which there are high loads in media (e.g. meat industry, dairy plants, paper industry and so on). Most of the parts are made of polypropylene and polyethylene which makes them resistant to aggressive chemicals (from pH 1 to pH 14). The device is fully automated and almost noiseless. It is available in various sizes for certain load capacities and working conditions. There are several phases of the device operation:

Phase 1 – Preparation of sludge for dehydration

Three-chamber tank equipped with an electric mixer and level probe or overflow, mixing sludge with a flocculant

Phase 2 – Separation of solid particles with fixed and active cells under the influence of a spiral axis in five positions

Phase 3 – Draining the filtrate to the beginning of the process

Phase 4 – Draining the separated solid particles

Phase 5 – Automatic press cleaning